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The Galilei Lyceum is a public secondary school in Perugia, a historic city,  founded by the Etruscans. It’s in the centre of Italy close to Florence and Rome. It’s full of history and its community is enriched by the University and the University for Foreigners.  

Our school has got 55 classes and almost  1400 students from 14 to 19 years old and a staff of 118 teachers.  It is situated in a luxurious park, near the  historical centre. So, despite its "green location", it's very close to the city centre. Thus our students have diferent opportunities to learn outside the classroom, organizing activities with the National Gallery of Umbria, the Archaeological Museum, the Historical Archive and the Old City Library. 


the park around the school

The school has different laboratories of Chemistry, Physics, Arts, ICT and the new CODING LAB. Each of our classrooms has multimedia overhead projectors and interactive  whiteboards.     

The school has a very large library that has over 5000 books. It is near the  historical centre and its very important institutions such as the National Gallery,  the Augusta Library and a Civic Centre for the Science (POST). This is the  reason why some of our activities are outside the classroom. 

Our curriculum The main subjects we teach are Maths, Natural Sciences and Physics, along with  the Arts, Latin, Literature, Philosophy and History. Our Foreign Language programmes  are very important: fourteen of our classes have  a Cambridge curriculum and students do British IGCSEs in History, English as  Second Language and  Maths. Five classes have a French-Italian  curriculum, called EsaBac, and those  students get the French Baccalauréat as  well as the Italian diploma. The new course  we’ve started in 2019 is about Coding Language. Six classes attend this course where students learn how to use Python, Flowgorithm, Geogebra, Editing html (Brackets) and working with Makey Makey, Dobot Magician, Makeblock, and Arduino CTC101.

Our curriculum focuses basically on academic skills, but it provides plenty of  other activities. Moreover, it is different from most other European systems, because it gives the opportunity to join just one class during the stay. It depends on the age* and the needs of the in-coming students.  In this class the students will stay all morning taking all the lessons Italian  classmates do.  In the lines below you can read a list of some of the courses taught in the  EsaBac and Cambridge Classes.  

our coding lab


Curriculum for foreign students 

The Lyceum is an inclusive school for non-native speakers and open to the internationalisation programs. An increasing number of students from all over the world are hosted by us for short or long term mobility and we have hosted students from US, Canada, England, French, India providing for each of them a personal training program. We believe that our  students must become citizens of Europe and of the “Earth”. 

We accept incoming students for long and short term mobility and we are able to provide in and out-door activities. Depending on the class where the foreign student is inserted, they would be able to take part in some of our international courses:

international courses:

~ Mathematics (1^, 2^ Cambridge IGCSE)

~ Physics (3^ EsaBac CLIL Methodology) 

~ Natural Science (4^ EsaBac CLIL Methodology) 

~ Arts (5^ EsaBac CLIL Methodology) 

~ English as second Language (1^, 2^, 3^ Classes Cambridge IGCSE) 

~ History (3^ 4^ Classes Cambridge (IGCSE)

~ French Language and Literature (from 1^ to 5^ classes EsaBac course) 

~ History in French (from 3^ to 5^ classes EsaBac course)

~ Italian as second Language course A1-A2

 Some of our extra-curricular projects: 

~ Chinese Language course (A1-A2)

~ Dramatisation: Students empower language competences with Italian, English and French theatre;  

~ Sport: we promote Olympic, National  and International games, Climbing, table tennis, padel, Nordic walking;        


~ Didactic stage: Volcanology stage in Aeolian Island (Sicily); and the Naturalistic stage in Elba island (Tuscany). 

*Italian classes 

 14-15 Ist class  15-16 IInd class   16-17 IIIth class  17-18 IVth class  18-19 Vth class

                EUROPEAN PROGRAM

Our school has been awarded with the eTwinning school label and is part of a European school network of more than 10 schools with whom we havebeen cooperating closely since 2017 activating eTwinning projects and Erasmus+ projects. We are always looking  for other opportunities to extend our contacts because we believe that didactic innovation is developped through the europeanization of school curriculum.


  • Poland  VI LO ul. ,Bydgoszcz
  • Portugal Agrupamento de Escolas de Parede, Parede
  • United Kingdom Tendring Technology College, Landermere Road, Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex
  • France Lycée Porte d'Océan, Le Havre
  • France Groupe scolaire Demotz de la Salle
  • Sweden S:t Eskils Gymnasium, Eskisltuna
  • Turkey Aydınlar Mahallesi ADANA
  • Spain IES la Creueta, Onil, Valencia
  • Romenia  Colegiul Dobrogean"SpiruHaret", Tulcea
  • Germany Neues Gymnasium, Wilhelmshaven 
  • Croatia Srednja skola Isidora Krsnjavoga, Nasice
  • Greece 1 Gymnasio Volou, Volos

Due to our Erasmus+ KA120 ACCREDITATION 2021-2027, we are organizing many different activities in partnership with other European schools.

Action for students

  We allow out-coming:

  • Short term mobility for groups
  • Long term mobility for (30 days) for individual
  • Long term mobility (1-12 months) for individual

   We allow in-coming:

  • short term mobility for groups
  • Long term mobility (30 days) for individual
  • long term mobility (1-12 months) for individual

Action for teachers and staff

    We allow out-coming:

  • Job shadowing 
  • Linguistic Courses 
  • Methodological courses  
  • Learning events 
  • Preparatory visits

    We allow in-coming:

  • Job shadowings  
  • Experts visits
  • Preparatory visits 

These are the main fields we are focusing on:

  • CLIL Methodology
  • Coding Education
  • Debate
  • Public Speaking
  • IGCSE Methodology
  • ESABAC Methodology


We are an Erasmus+ KA120 21-27 Accreditated school. At the moment we are running 3 different Erasmus+ projects 

  • ERASMUS+ KA120 Accreditation 2021-2027 The Lyceum has got Accreditation and different activities are planned for the first round for teachers, staff and students as well.
  • ERASMUS+ KA229 C.C.A. Climate Change Awareness in partnerships with Poland Sweden UK Portugal and Turkey.  
  • ERASMUS+ KA229 Sailing the sea of the time. European (Hi)story as our (Hi)story in partnerships with German, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece.

   our eTwinning PROJECTS

We are an eTwinning school since 2019. eTwinning is integrated in our curriculum and our teachers are very active in the community attending Learning events, seminaries online and realizing many different eTwinning projects awarded with NQL and EQL. At the moment we are running 6 eTwinning projects :

  •  C.C.A. Part two, English Language, Partnered with Poland, Portugal, Turkey, UK, Swedish
  • La classe éuropéenne-the European classroom", English and French languages, partnered with France
  • “#eTC The values of living together", French-Italian-English-German Languages,  partnered with France Turkey Poland
  • “Languages and culture of antiquity", English language,  partnered with Greece Spain France Cyprus 
  • “Drop by my city_ for a sustanable living", English Language,  partnered with Portugal and Romania  
  • Sailing the sea of the time: European (HI)story as our (hi)story, English, partnered with Germany, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece

Our contacts:  

Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Galilei" 

Via Carlo Manuali, 12 - 06122 PERUGIA 

Head Teachers prof. Stefania Moretti 

Istitutional e-mail pgps09000x@istruzione.it