2021-2022 eTwinning projects

"Drop by my city"

The Project is linked to an Accreditation Erasmus+ project in its first round. Students will create a digital map of their own city, describing the historical and artistic sites and looking for architectural barriers to break down them creating digital/virtual guides in all the project languages.
Thus they would remove architectural barriers which prevent people with disabilities from visiting historical centres. Because the project is related to an Accreditation E+, we will plan 3 short term mobilities, and during these we will invite local community and local social organizations to do different visit guide tours.

During the 1^ Mobility in Perugia, students worked on international groups celebrating Europe, printing a braille string, and Perugia's Monuments in 3D programming with sketchUp. They also worked on The NEB Values using MLTV training routine and thinking with De Bono Hats